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Restoring The Integrity Of Healthy Natural Hair

Natural or transitioning to natural, or just looking to repair and restore your hair back to a healthy state. Here at O So Tweet Salon we provide each customer with a personalize plan on how to obtain and maintain a healthy head of hair. We pride ourselves on breathing life back in the hair one customer at a time. Mother and daughter team duo, we look foward to servicing you! 

Bantu nuts and natural hairstyle
locs style with haircolor
Spiral set with Twist hairstyle
Curly Afro hairstyle


Cleanse hair using a clarifying shampoo. This will remove buildup and enviromental  toxins from the hair and scalp.

Restore Moister

Follow up with a moisturizing shampoo to restore moistue back into the hair.


Follow up with moisturizing conditioner. Cocktailing condtioners can be very benificial to the hair. You can also add oil to your condtioners as well. Hydration treatments  works wonders when it come to repair damaged hair and/or help clients transiton to natural. 


Follow-up with leave-in condtioner to restore and protect hair from product and/or heat damage. Follow up with styling and/or finishing products to comeplete style.

Brands We Use

Design Essential hair products
Joico Hair Color
Affirm Hair Products
Rush hair Color
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