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Relaxer Shampoo and Conditoning Cocktails
Hair Vitamins (Biotin V/S Hairfinity)
Dandruff v/s Dry Scalp
Getting what you pay for
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Relaxer Shampoo and Conditoning Cocktails

Having had an in depth conversation with a client I decided to write about what many are experiencing. Her concern was the product I was using and weather or not they had chemical straightening agents in them. After further speaking with her, she had informed me that she had been to several stylist.  Some using protein amino acid treatments, which left her hair straight, others using keratin treatments, which also left her hair straight.  But what left me speechless was when she said shampoos and conditioners that one stylist used, left her hair straight.

Hair Vitamins (Biotin V/S Hairfinity)

Thinning and hair lost has become a common amongst women.  Your hair actually starts thinning at the age of 21, and some more than others.  I know many have jumped on the bandwagon of  "Hairfinity" expecting this miracle pill to give magical results. However, this over priced pill you will get the same results by taking Hair,Scalp and Nail vitamin or just plain old Biotin. Though hair vitamins promotes hair growth, it does not change the density of the hair follicle. In other words, it does not make the hair any thicker, and it does not produce hair in the places where the hair shaft is no longer able to grow.

Dandruff v/s Dry Scalp

In the past week, a lot of my clients have been suffering with winter dry scalp. Its funny how when people seek flakes, they automatically assume they have dandruff. Though there are people who suffer with dandruff, its far fewer than those who suffer with dry scalp.  Dandruff is a fungus, usually yellow in color and sometimes has an odor. Most people who suffer dandruff also suffer with an over production of oil. Dry scalp is merely not producing enough oil which tends to happen during the winter months.

Getting what you pay for

It is true that a lot of people have opt out of the salon, to take on the responsibility of doing their own hair.  Others have gone to shops that have basically taking this industry and profession down as a whole with  the $10 wash and set and $50 sew-in weaves.  I wonder why, so many are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on clothes, but not on their glory (Hair). The thing people generally look at first is your head.  Whether it is admired or pure disgust.  But truth be told, after having to correct numerous hair mistakes weather it was from at home styling or cost efficient salons styling I must say, you get what you pay for. I was asked why were my prices so high.  I as a stylist do not feel my prices are high.  I am educated about what I do. I teach and educate my clients as well.   I take continued educational class to so that I can stay up to date with the changes in the industry.  And last but not least, I have mastered my craft.  Doctors, Lawyer, etc. are certified by the same state board that certified me and they charge what they think they are worth, so why not hair stylist.   My prices set me apart from the rest and it attracts a different type of clientele.  It attracts people that say, I'm serious about my hair, and those are the clients I love. Anybody can style hair, but only a professional can keep healthy hair on your head.  

Dominican's Salon

It's been a minute since I last blogged. I thought this was a topic that needs to be addressed. There are many that swear by the Dominican's Salon, but truth be told, the technique they use is not good for ethnic hair. Though they may be cheap in pricing, keep in mind you get what you pay for.  I've had countless of former Dominican's clients that come in with hair loss, scalp damage and horror stories.
I distinctly remember when I was in Cosmetology School, my instructor telling the class that the technique used by Dominican's Salons, is not good for the hair.  Now if they are teaching it in Cosmetology school, there must be some validity to it. First off, they use three forms of heat to get your hair to the desired look.  Secondly, the roller brush technique is causing hair breakage.  What I've encountered with my clients that formely frequent the Dominican's Salon,  they have thick roots and mid shafts, but their ends are shear and/or see through.  Some have had scalp burns and small patches of hair missing and some even alopecia from scaring of the scalp.  Understand that your hair is your best accessory, so why not invest in it. And remember to always educate yourself about your glory!!!!!  

KeraCare Natural Texture

Well, in my years of being natural, I have tried many products.  From Miss Jessie, to Carols Daughter and so on.  To be honest, besides my daughter, my hair is the worst that I have ever dealt with. I am a Design Essential girl, all day long, but their natural line, they need to go back to the drawing board. I've tried almost every natural product line out there and most of them are too greasy or too heavy, makes you hair hard, leave build up and much more.  I did not like the sulfate free shampoos either because I could still feel buildup and dirt on the hair strands after shampooing. I was given KeraCare Natural Texture Sample packets at the Caris store.  I think I didn't actually use them until 4 or 5 months later.  The first thing that I tried was the Butter Cream.  Too my surprise, it made my kinky afro sooooo soft. And it was not grease either. Then I tried a spiral set with the Twist and Define Cream and it turned out beautiful. I then tried the Defining Custard, and yes, it defined the few curls that pop up when my hair is wet.  I was so excited about this product, that when I threw my customer appreciation, I put travel size containers in their goodies bags so my clients could try the products out for themselves.  I have been getting rave review about these products.  Now as far as the sulfate free shampoos, I still always start with a clarifying shampoo, then I'll follow up with the sulfate free shampoo.  There are so many natural lines out there, but I really like this one.  2 THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!!

Natural Hair Heat Damage

  What sparked my attention to this topic is that I had a young lady come into my salon who had gone to a local salon in my area who claimed to specialize in natural hair. She was told that the only way they could trim her hair was to do a blowout and silk her out. She said she could smell her hair burning as the stylist went over each section. She straightened it  2 or 3 times. In the middle of her service she ask the stylist to stop. She paid her and went home to wash her hair out.

Knowing your Curl Pattern

In recent weeks, I was asked if I do Curl Pattern Classification by alpha numeric (Ranging from numbers 1-4 and alphabets A-D). I do have a form of Curl Pattern Classification, but it is basic and easy for my clients to understand. Although some stylist may use this technique, but it is not necessary. I use the classification (Loose Wave, Wavy, Curly, Tightly Curled, Coiled and Tightly Coiled). Knowing your curl pattern is very important when choosing  a style and when choosing a product.

BTK/Keratin treatment

I attended the Premiere Hair Show in 2008.  While there, Brazilian women were pushing their new product. Being that I work with natural hair, I was intrigued by what they presented to me. I didn't purchase the product.  If you know me you know I like to research first. I learned that the product contained Formaldehyde which is considered a carcinogen by a number of health and safety agencies.  This was a "no go" for me. A few of my clients beginned to inquire about the keratin treatment so at the Premiere show 2010,  I found a Keratin Treatment (Keratin by Coppola) which was suppose to be Formaldehyde free, so I took a class and got Certified in this treatment.

Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis- an inflammatory skin condition which cause flaky yellow or white scales on oily areas of skin such as the scalp. Other names Dandruff, Seborrheic eczema; Cradle cap (Adult Form).  With the seasons changing, a lot of my client have been coming in with dry scalp and most tend to get Dandruff and dry scalp missed up.  With the change in the season, the scalp goes through many changes,
In general, symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis include:
  • Skin lesions
  • Plaques over large area